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Finding a hairdresser that understands you (and your hair)

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Finding a hairdresser can be a rough process. How do you find the one best for you? Here are a few tips to help you book with the right hairdresser.

Get recommendations! We all love when someone says they love our hair.... right? If you are new to an area don't be afraid to ask around.

Look up their work. Most hairdressers have at least one social media account. You should be able to get a good understanding of the type of hair they do.

Not ready to book a full service? Then book a consultation. This way you can work with your hairdresser to get a game plan on what it best for you and your hair.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your stylist. You should be able to tell them what you love as well as what you would like to change. Hair is something that is on constant display so make sure you keep conversations open.

Happy hunting!

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